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Operation Serpent

Operation SerpentThis is not perfectly Doom-related but considering its history in relation to Wolfenstein 3D it somehow is after all. The mapper Woolie Wool has released his project Operation Serpent First Encounter about 2 weeks ago and in my eyes it's one of the most ambitious projects ever for Wolfenstein 3D - or actually ECWolf, which can be considered as a little sister to GZDoom, just for Wolf3D.

"Operation Serpent is by far my most advanced and radical mod yet, featuring enormous levels and a host of ECWolf features never seen before, and a unique aesthetic inspired by the art and culture of the late 1980s, including an original '80s metal soundtrack composed by Bashe and Shane Strife and performed on real guitars. A hand-edited COLORMAP with gradient sky effects and fullbright colors, an all-new roster of enemies and weapons, and Doom-style weapon bobbing and hitscan attacks make Operation Serpent look and play like no other Wolfenstein mod. Though it has only eight levels, each of these levels is four to six times the length of a standard Wolfenstein level. A new player should take 6-8 hours to complete Operation Serpent."

If that's not enough to make you wanna instantly play the mod, then I simply don't know what's wrong with you. Check the release thread, download your copy and get back into the early 90's!


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