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Threshold Act 2

Threshold of Pain 2Ever played 2010's Cacoward-also-ran Threshold of Pain by scalliano? If you missed it, time to catch up, because the second act of it's sequel Threashold of Pain has been released some time ago (how could I have missed that!). Along the way you'll find out more about the Triton disaster, things that not even your military superiors were briefed on, and what exactly happened at the end of the first game, featuring:

  • Everything that ToP I had
  • 10-12 new levels
  • More varied level design
  • 3D floors a la Doom64
  • Deep water
  • New monsters and weaponry, including a new final boss
  • Elements from other incarnations of Doom (such as Doom 3 and Doom RPG)

So, check the development thread over at ZDoom.org and give the mod a try. If you are into PSX Doom-styled mods, you will definitely love this one!

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