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Alpha + Beta = Delta

doomdeltaJust spotted something over at ZDoom that made my retro-heart bump: Doom Delta, a mod that DrPyspy is working on that combines the elements from the alpha, beta, and pre-release versions of Doom that he finds the most interesting. It is still a work in progress, but he has reached a point where he is comfortable showing off what he has done so far. The mod is spearheaded by himself, with some graphic design and all sound design being handled by a friend Stachekip. He plans for it to be compatible with any wad that was designed for Vanilla compatibility. Any map that takes advantage of ZDoom's TID system is not guaranteed to function properly. Some goals of the project are

  • A functional alpha hud that includes a radar and instantly-updating readouts of important information, such as health, ammo, keys, secrets, and more
  • Restored alpha/beta graphics for certain weapons and monsters, like the Shotgun and the Super Shotgun
  • 3-4 'new' weapons inspired by the alpha/beta, including the Rifle and the Bayonette
  • Scoring system inspired by ScoreDoom
  • Restored lightning for the episode Inferno

Caught your attention? Then take a closer look at the ZDoom development forum thread.

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