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zdoom2017finishedAs I am a lazy person and don't want to praise myself, I simply copy and paste what Rachael, the site administrator and runner had to say a few days ago when it was made public: "Tormentor667 and Xaser have been hard at work revamping the front page of the site. Now - it is live. Enjoy!"  Well, yes, that's it. As a short explanation, I was actually only responsible for the design-mockup and how the new ZDoom page could look like, I also took care of the new logo that's nothing else than a redesign based on the original logo by randi. Xaser had the harder part in my opinion, coding the whole thing and attaching it directly to the ZDoom wiki to avoid any kind of possible redundancies. Thanks and kudos to him for his work and also thanks to Rachael who made this all possible. I hope you people like how the new landing page turned out, the next step will be the adjustment and update of the phpBB3 forum but that will take some more time to do.

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