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troodonJust spotted a new screenshot of breadbagfly's project in progress called Troodon. The primary difference or "twist" on this is that you are anthropomorphic raptor, more accurately an albino troodon. In a vast jungle in obscurity (Insert whole bunch of friggin Lost land references here cant be arsed for plotlines yet), you find yourself to suddenly be a near-extinct saurian subspecies after a chance of finally getting cozy in the jungle which is an achievement itself. Hunted by humans, rival saurian species and suspiciously manipulated wildlife, naturally you are fucking pissed from learning all of that, and your existing reputation as a murderous reptile filled with bad sarcastic jokes and obsession to bizarre firearms only inject more elixir of pain to happily share amongst the jungle of near-delusional hostility. also to uncover the secrets of why shit has gone haywire so oddly because might as well. The screenshots of this mod are very promising, but take a look at this yourself.

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