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Doom Reborn

doomidtech4Ever wondered what Doom would have look it it was released 18-20 years later? Well, wonder no more: What looks like a mockup first is actually a remake of Doom on the idtech4 engine (based on Doom 3 actually) by the modder Reinchard. Your chance now to play a pre-beta version. If you expect some more advenced architecture or level layout - I have to disappoint you, because the main goal of this mod is to recreate classic Doom with his dynamic gameplay but with better graphics and lighting - so the author calls this a replica instead of remake. So far there is only pre-beta v.1.5 version, so there is still some bugs here and there (expect many texture misalignment). GameHacker, which is the project leader still working on it, and he doing really titanic work with all this levels (you can play even e1m8b). Interested? Check the thread just now!

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