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Doom from 1984

Well, 1984 isn't only the year of one of the most prominent releases in the 80's (Tetris and Boulder Dash to name two of them), it's also the birth year of ... well ... me! Growing up in these days, when it comes to games I was used to big pixels, low resolutions and my beloved pc-speaker sounds and music. Still, after 33 years I am a big fan of these classic retro looking games and so I brought back to my childhood memories when I played Doom the way it would have been in the 80s. How? Thanks to various modders, it is possible, a mix of charming pixels and new-gen graphics. Combining LowRes Doom, ChibiDoom and 8-Bit Music makes it possible. You can grab all of them (linked) in the development thread of Ezepov's LowRes Doom. Currently the first episode is playable, and I really hope he is already preparing the rest of it. Thanks a lot for this - and someone please take care of the pc-speaker sounds...

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