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DoomLauncher v2.6.1

hobomaster22 has just released the latest version of DoomLauncher, the number one doom frontend for organizing and playing all your favorit wads and projects (which are currently 563 pieces in my archive to give you an idea how useful this can be). The author has fixed various issues and added a load of different new features, including


  • Added feature to search when opening a file with a utility.
  • Added feature to automatically select required files for Zandronum demos.
  • Demo files can now be added through the Launch screen.
  • Launch will now use +map option for map names where -warp will not work.
    Fixed bug that would cause bad date times in text file not to import.
  • Improved performance of displaying contents of large pk3 files to open with utilities.
  • Fixed search to not be case sensitive.
  • Fixed label cut off and OK button on text dialogs.
  • Fixed zdl file import.
  • Better handling of additional files and default files when selecting source ports/iwads.

Just download the new version from the official project page on the Realm667 and extract the new files into the program's directory by overwriting the old ones and you are ready to go. Have fun!

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