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The mod, nobody ever expected

Does anyone of you still remember Eriance and his ambitious project Demon Eclipse? A addon for Doom with countless self-drawn new enemies and weapons, unique detailed maps and a totally thrillng experience? Well, then you might also still remember that this project has been cancelled a few years ago, the drama has been terrible but nobody was able to stop Eriance from his decision. And out of nowhere, the dead has been resurrected: Hell Forged is the successor to Demon Eclipse. Thanks to Tarnsman's feedback from some time ago, he's convinced Eriance (now called Amuscaria) to focus on the Hell-tech theme of Demon Eclipse instead of having two essentially different games in a single package. Hell-Forged is currently planned to be a single 9-map episode set in another world being invaded by Hell. Although Episode 2,3, and 4 were designed and much thought put into them, it's unlikely those will be completed. The focus is for Hell-Forged's 9 maps and ~dozen new enemies and bosses. More information can be found at the development thread.

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