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REKKR is alive

Just saw a new screenshot from a project that I have been following for a while now: REKKR by Revae. To be honest, it's very ambitious for a one-person show but other projects have already proven, that people are able to create complex projects totally on their own (like ravage with Hocus Doom or MSPaintRock with Woolball). So REKKR is another special gem that happened out of nowhere. The special thing about it is: It's an Ultimate doom TC. It's intended to be vanilla compatible, but runs fine in ZDoom (and nearly every other engine) with the proper compat flags. The theme is vague norse/celtic/fantasy. Notable differences from Doom are a lack of hitscanning enemies, and that weapons are tad more balanced, rather than dooms obvious progression (as much as dehacked would allow for anyway). The weapons also (generally) function quite differently. 

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