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Maskim Xul done - almost...

Maskim Xul is a project by Obsidian, that he started around mid-2014 and in its 3-year lifespan has been the most erratic and peculiar wad I've ever worked on thus far. The project was his attempt to accomplish 2 things: Create a decently large map as opposed to the small ones he is accustomed to and satisfy his incorrigible fetish for bookshelf textures. Mmmm, books.... The wad is for Boom format and utilizes a rather large amount of DeHackEd, (impressive that people still use it) as well as a ZDoom-exclusive OGG for the main attraction (courtesy of Eris Falling and his extremely well honed composing skills). Expect new textures, new enemies and even some new weapons to aid you in the combat. But most of all, expect the unexpected... check the development thread with an almost finished release candidate here.


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