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Ultra Crispy

Just spotted a very interesting gameplay mod over at ZDoom.org which is all about our beloved protagonist from the first early build games. Let's set our minds back to 1871. We all know the sad fate of the undead cowboy known as Caleb, main character of the Blood series and his thirst for vengeance, as he was betrayed by the dark god known as Tchernobog. When he (Tchernobog) killed the Chosen, and among them, his beloved Ophelia, he knew Caleb would seek revenge more powerful than ever, many years later. But what if Tchernobog used his powers to banish Caleb once and for all from that dimension? Caleb awakes in the middle of a demonic invasion on earth. But not that world he used to know. Things look too different. It's up to you to find some answers. Or maybe, you could awake on a Dark-fantasy themed scenario, or even, a dystopic cyberpunk themed world! The possibilities are on your hands. Ultra Crispy combines the best of both worlds when it comes to Doom and Blood.

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