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Imagine having the Legendary mechanics of Fallout 4 integrated into Doom - how cool would that be? That's the premise of the Legendoom mod from Yholl! If you are unfamiliar with those, here's basically what happens. Random enemies on the map are chosen to be Legendary enemies, with increased health. Bringing them down to half will cause them to fully heal and transform (kinda) into a more powerful form, attacking you relentlessly and with even more damage than normal. Killing a Legendary enemy at any point will cause them to drop a completely random Legendary weapon, which will have an extra effect altering its behaviour! There are currently 60 different effects, ranging from things like increasing the effectiveness of healing items, firing bouncing projectiles, doubled explosion size, or even a triple shot attack! These effects are seperated into four tiers of general awesomeness, with each tier having a different color representing it, as well as cool weapon sprites. You want more? Go for it!

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