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REKKR Teaser

Just spotted that the modder Revae has posted a new "work-inp-progress" screenshot of his mod REKKR. Teasing is one of his greatest strengths, no doubt about that. If you haven't heard about this project yet, let's put it in a nutshell: It's a vanilla TC set in a fantasy world that feels vaguely Norse or Celtic. Think Skyrim, but without the billions of dollars or cohesive art direction, or planning. All the weapons and enemies and maps and sounds and musics and textures and graphics are new from scratch (except 3-4 textures that I re-shrunk from a high res Thief texture pack Revae did years ago). A total total conversion. The general idea is a 90's Doom clone. It started as a sprite tutorial and snowballed into a full game - and it looks brilliant so far. Check the thread, there is even a gameplay-trailer.

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