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REKKR released

Revae has just released one of the TCs I have been waiting for a long time now. REKKR is an ambitious vanilla TC set in a fantasy world that feels vaguely Norse or Celtic. You are a warrior recently returned from war, only to find your hometown massacred by hellish creatures. From there you set out to find revenge. So what does it feature?

  • 27 maps + 8 and 1/2 bonus maps
  • Over 10 monsters
  • All new weapons
  • All new music
  • All new sounds
  • All new graphics
  • All new everything

It should run in just about any engine you throw it at. For ZDoom variants, make sure your compatibility settings are for Doom (Strict), and don't jump or freelook or you'll break the visuals/everything. More information including a download link and a link to the project homepage can be found in the ZDoom forums.

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