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Doom Compendium

After a long wait and an exorbitant amount of work, Dynamo is pleased to finally be able to release his latest project: Compendium. Compendium is as the name implies a compilation-style project, containing a hand picked collection (currently 54 total) of some of the best doom maps/wads released from 1994 to roughly 2004-2005, representing the classic era of Doom modding and fully compatible to gameplay mods. All the mappacks represented have been remastered (in the sense that outdated DeHackED code has been converted to DECORATE/ACS) and bugfixed (generally speaking he has removed all bugs he has found which can allow a player to become stuck in a level, including a ton of fixes that should ensure much better multiplayer compatibility), but they are otherwise untouched, as it is not his intention to mess with the authors' original vision. This means that there are no new rooms, no different thing placements and nothing of the sort to be found in this. Each of the wads included in this is accessible from a (currently functional but unfinished) central hub map. After you complete one of the mappacks, you are sent back to the hub map, which means you can keep your arsenal when going to the next one (or simply start a new game to be taken back to the same hub map with a clear arsenal). You don't believe that? So did I until I checked the development thread.

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