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The Edge of Time - Beta released

The mapper Fireseraphim has just released the first beta of his mod The Edge of Time that we already featured a few weeks ago. This iteration of The Edge of Time is not like any of the prior iterations or
even like any other mod at all due to certain odd bits of gameplay decisions, which he listed in the original thread:

  • A rather unique scoring system coded by Zhs2 and PhantomBeta, where you get a random powerup once you get the amount to trigger a score bonus, inspired by the scoring system used in classic Konami arcade games
  • Deployable inventory items, including fan favourites such as the Morph Ovum, an improved Flechette and cool new items such as the Golden Medikit, the Frost Ovum,carryable Radsuits and Nightvision Goggles
  • Coins and Treasure items you can collect to add to your score to trigger score bonuses
  • New AI for certain vanilla enemies to spice things up a bit, as well as a few new foes
  • New Weapons, perfect for rising to the challenge!
  • New Maps made just for the mod


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