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Total Chaos 1.0 released

Finally Wad'a'holic released his finished version 1.0 of Total Chaos, a total conversion mod for Doom 2 that runs on the GZDoom source port. The mod is a survival horror set on a remote island known as Fort Oasis. The island was once run by a community of coal miners which one day suddenly disappeared, leaving behind the abandoned concrete jungle to waste away. Something, clearly, has gone very wrong with this place. Upon your arrival at Fort Oasis, you receive a strange radio transmission. Someone wants to he found. The further you travel into the concrete jungle, the more the situation ends up unraveling, and where you were heading is no longer clear. Find letters scattered around the world and uncover the mystery of what happened. What's new you ask? The new version fixes stuttering and adds motion blur, lens flares, noise and vinettes (thanks Nash). It is also 1GB smaller in file size!

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