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Bury My Heart Knee Deep

Since John Romero announced his very own 5th episode for Doom, people tend to be highly interested in classic style megawards to celebrate the good old times. Recently Ryath has released his approach on an episode 1 style replacmeent called Bury My Heart Knee Deep with a twist. It is a huge, vanilla, E1-style map for Doom II that takes cues from Metroidvania game progression. It's bursting with optional areas, secrets, and potential sequence breaks. You can follow the "intended" path or make your own way through. You can even complete the whole thing without picking up a single key. If you like the map, he hopes you'll play through two or three times and look for different ways you can beat it! 

In true Metroid fashion, "upgrades" like the rad suit and light amp goggles are "unlocked" at certain points. There are also barriers scattered throughout the map that can only be opened using rockets. These are never required to progress, but they usually provide valuable ammo, health, and gear. Rockets are a precious commodity, so it's up to you: Do you fire all your rockets off to survive a tough fight, or save them to blast open a cache of healing items later? 


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