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Akeldama - Episode 1 Released

Akeldama is set to be a 32-level megawad for vanilla doom2.exe. This is an answer to the throwback days of Memento Mori and Alien Vendetta of classic megawads featuring various authors, new textures and music, and staying true to the original Doom 2 formula of gameplay. So far it features the works of waverider, The Mysterious Moustachio, Paul977 and valkiriforce. Currently there are 8 completed maps, and the authors are hoping to aim for strong replayability with emphasis on fast, fun gameplay and shorter-length levels roughly the size of maps from Memento Mori and regular Doom 2. There will be bigger maps as well, but they will likely be featured towards the end of each respective episode. Maps were tested in Chocolate Doom and chocorenderlimits with a bit of PrBoom+/ZDoom testing as well, although they should be friendly towards any port of choice. More information and the download link to the first episode can be found here.

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