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Lithubristics Under Sanguine Twilight

Lithubristics Under Sanguine Twilight is PasoconDeacon's first full map, a 25-to-35-minute trip for you and nearly a month of bashing his head against Doom Builder X to get what he wanted. 

  • Doom II-based MAP01 replacement, comes with BEX patch to alter automap name. plus new intermission graphic.
  • Boom-compatible, play with complevel 9.
  • No jumping or crouching, designed/tested without freelook.
  • Use software renderer for best lighting!
  • 25-/35-minute map, tested without saves, features some exploration and plenty of combat.
  • Balanced around Ultra-Violence, includes some changes for lower difficulties; difficulty sits around early-2000s WAD range (mid-to-late Alien Vendetta, Scythe, Plutonia-equivalent, etc.).

Check the thread over at Doomworld for the second release candidate and some futher information.

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