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Scattered Evil 1.9 released

A new version of Scattered Evil has been released, bringing it up to version 1.9 and is now available at www.koraxheritage.com featuring a lot of new features that further improve the complex mod:

  • New Armor System
  • New Feature: Carried Weight
    Inventory items (including money) now have a specific weight and depending on your character’s stats, sooner or later you’ll become overburdened
  • New Feature: Banking and Finances
    You can now open a bank account at Ocadia’s Counting House and deposit some of your cash in it, both lightening the load in your backpack and earning interest with time.
  • New and modified Class Abilities
  • New Dungeons
    Rebuilt from scratch, The Rift is open once again, connecting The Canyon to the Dark Conclave, Hytesthani Ravine is now the target of Senior Wizard Robert’s quest for the ultimate weapon.
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