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[ECWolf] Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter gets beta release

And now for something completely different: Author MSPaintR0cks, who one might know of his excellent standalone Shadow of the Wool Ball and Rise of the Wool Ball games, comes Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter in a beta release. The first part (Aptly named First Encounter) was released three years ago, so its time for a follow up. Its the second installment in Woolie Wool's Wolfenstein Missions series bringing a new array of enemies, weapons and  levels that should make the game a title in its own right, rather than an addon of the original Wolf3D. To that effect, the ECWolf source port  is used to bring the oldskool gameplay to a modern retro-fps base whilst still being visually the game that started off the FPS craze in the 90s. Featuring a remixed soundtrack by AstroCreep, Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter is one to look out for if you want to step away from the shores of hell and into the heart of the Reichsbunkers.

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