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ZDaemon 1.10.10 released

For those enjoy Dooming in multiplayer there are a few options available: Odamex, but also ZDaemon. The ZDaemon Team has released version 1.10.10 of their multiplayer oriented source port, the fourth release this year.  Highlights of this release include:

  • New ACS functions to change the behavior of Artifacts. When the artifact is used "script" will be executed instead of the hard coded action.
  • Implementation of BetaSkull and BetaSkullAttack (dehacked).
  • "auto_altwads" updated to Freedoom 0.12.1.
  • Bloodsplat decals (blood on the wall from damaging monsters/players) work online now.
  • Respawning of ArtiInvulnerability and ArtiInvisibility depends on the dmflag DF_RESPAWN_SUPER (sv_respawnsuper) now.
  • Fixed an issue that could make a bad packet cause a nameless player in game.
  • and other various fixes and improvements.

If you are currently running ZLauncher, then there is nothing you have to do: The new build will automatically be installed. For newcomers who want to take up on multiplayer Doom but look for alternatives other than Odamex, then go right ahead and download ZDaemon 1.10.10 here.

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