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Powertrip: Rowdy Rudy II currently in development

We have covered DoomKid prior with Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday!  but that's not the only thing he is working on. An older project is currently well underway called Powertrip: Rowdy Rudy II. Unlike the former, this is a community effort targeting vanilla compatiblity and (so far) 8 other authors have said yes to crafting levels. Despite being vanilla compatible, Powertrip brings forth a new and updated enemy roster, and weapons are given an upgrade aswell, through Dehacked, obviously. The community pack is still well underway, but the story is as follows:

As Rudy, the player will see himself getting a lot of offers for mercenary work after he took out the evil cult known as the Protectors, avenged his brother and saved his home town. Getting sick and tired of having to decline the job title of mercenary-for-hire, Rudy relocates and changes his name.

But things do not go quite as planned.  Just before he wants to leave this present to become his past, he is stopped by 3 men who are looking for his.... qualities, sort to say. Rudy is to investigate some bases up north, hidden away in the mountains, and find out what went wrong with the experimental research that was underway there.The Soldier enhancement program in development there went haywire and super soldiers freeed several hundreds of aliens being used for experimentation purposes there.

The secretive men throw in a hard number: For $40 million dollars, plus new guns, ammo and armor on the house, Rudy is to find out what went wrong in the mountains and in the process send the soldiers and the aliens a ticket back home. Faced with little choice, Rudy takes the option, and that's where you, the player, will come in.

"Tomorrow morning.. It all begins", Rudy mutters to himself.

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