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Fate: A Doom Conversion, in development

Venturing a little bit into video game obscurity, Fate was a 1996 shooter running on Ken Silverman's Build Engine, in development at Dogstone Software. Unfortunately, the game never materialized into an actual product, and only a bunch of screenshots and some gameplay remain. Fast forward to 2019, and newcome Hyperstyle drops an in-development total conversion of the game, running on GZDoom. According to Hyperstyle: ''I took many liberties with the source material, however there are some similar game mechanics like breakable barrels, escaping from a cell and collecting weapon pieces. Watch out for secrets, you might find a secret level gem. All the graphics, sounds and music are changed.'' The new HUD seen is custom made and overall, this is definitely something to look out for, if only if to see a liberal interpretation of Dogstone Software's cancelled game come alive.

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