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LZDoom 3.8.4 released

If you want to enjoy all the fun of ZDoom but lack the hardware grunt to run the advanced rendering features of GZDoom, then head over to LZDoom. As an official port, maintained by drfrag, LZDoom targets OpenGL 2.0 and up (As opposed to OpenGL 3.3 by GZDoom) and is described as ''It does not provide all features currently supported by GZDoom but in turn is capable of running on older hardware which does not support modern OpenGL features, plus it can run the software renderer on Direct3D 9.''  In version 3.8.4, the highlights are as follows:

  • Fixed taking screenshots in menus with Space when Sys_Rq is set as screenshot key (randi).
  • Bumped ZScript version to be the same as in GZDoom.
  • Fixed stretching for 256 and 240 pixels tall skies in software.
  • Removed and replaced the following LevelCompatibility functions: FlipLine, GetNumMapThings, GetMapThingPos, GetMapThingAngle, SetMapThingAngle.
  • Fixed lighting problems with weapon models.
  • Remove UM skill from the menu now that i've added the real thing with 2xmonsters in RUDE, still works with skill 5.
  • Replaced the useless 160x200 scale preset with widescreen 356x200.
  • Add option to reset controls to defaults.
  • A lot of stuff from GZDoom.

For those running older hardware but still want a good grade of compatibility, LZDoom is the port of choice for you. Head over to the ZDoom homepage and download the works today!

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