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Work of one man: Doomworld Mega Project 2019 stealth released

Amongst the inner circles of Doom, TimeOfDeath is an author one cannot miss - A prolific crafter of maps, there is a reason why ToD has his own DoomWiki entry. A major part of his work is comprised of contributions to the Doomworld Mega Project. This collaborative series, that runs yearly, sees multiple level designers craft new hellish worlds for the community to enjoy. 

This year's entry was a little different: There was no sign up thread regarding the 2019 entry. What was going on? TimeofDeath explains: ''DMP2019 was closed to the public and wasn't even going to happen until I started using a trackball recently. There just wasn't enough time for me to organize a full-fledged community project before the end of the year, so in an effort to keep the annual DMP streak going (along with my own annual mapping streak) the rule for this year's project was that only I was allowed to submit a map... lol. DMP2020 will be back to normal in January.''

Read that again: ToD has crafted an entire megawad in no time of his own, just so that there is a DMP entry for this year. Utter nuts! And you can play it already right now!

Doomworld Mega Project 2019 is a megawad for ZDoom 2.8.1. Included is a BAT file that needs to be used to play the WAD as intended. Put the bat file and the wad in your zdoom 2.8.1 folder and double click the bat file. This map requires splashfactor 0.00001 (type splashfactor 0.00001 in the console or +splashfactor 0.00001 in the command line). This map requires dmflags2 256 (turn off bfg aiming in gameplay options or type +dmflags2 256 in the command line). This map requires wallrunning enabled (compatibility options - physics behavior). Head over to the thread and prepare yourself for the 2019 entry of Doomworld Mega Project!

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