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Last of 2019: Ultimate Doom Builder released!

Though it were a Christmas release, we are saving this for the last day of this year. Map crafters usually make use of Doom Builder 2 or, if needed, GZDoom Builder. However, the latter has been discontinued for a few years now, and most mappers tend to use GZDoom Builder-Bugfix instead. This is a joint effort lead by author ZZYZX. Over time, the effort developed from a mere bugfix branch to host completely new features. So much so, that ZZYZX discontinued GZDB-Bugfix and instead announced a new builder. Enter Ultimate Doom Builder (UDB).

Ultimate Doom Builder comes with a slew of new features compared to ye olde GZDoom Builder:

  • All the features of the original GZDB!
  • ZScript support
  • Visual attenuated lights support
  • Visual spotlights support
  • Doom 64 sector lighting support
  • Various bugfixes (e.g. dynamic lights properly render on middle textures, dynamic light intensive maps work better, less crashes)
  • Various performance optimizations by anotak
  • Native 64-bit version implemented by StrikerMan780
  • Better Linux compatibility implemented by dpJudas & Talon1024
  • 3D mode performance improvements by dpJudas

As such, UDB is a significant stepping stone in the world of Doom level editing. But with new features come new requirements.They are as follows:

  • 2.4 GHz CPU or faster (multi-core recommended)
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 3.3 support
    Beware: this requirement is new! If GZDB-BF works for you, UDB may not.
    But, if latest GZDoom works for you in 3D mode, UDB will, too.
    Because of this, GZDB-BF will not automatically update to UDB.

The release of UDB marks the end of another Hellish year in Doom. Since this is posted on the 31st, allow me, on behalf of the entire Realm667 Team, to wish you all a HISSY NEW YEAR AND A SAFE AND FRAGTASTIC 2020.  

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