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Remake of WolfenDoom: Second Encounter: Demo released

Laz Rojas's WolfenDoom series keeps on being a source of inspiration for modders in the scene. All the way back in 2003 Rojas delivered The Second Encounter, a new collection of adventures kicking Nazi scum, which were given a ZDoom refresh by NightFright in 2015. Fast forward to 2020, and modder CantSleep is working on a remake of this classic total conversion.  The focus is on raising the quality of the assets by using the ones as seen in WolfenDoom Enhanced and applying properly scaled levels. Speaking of these levels, the maps used come from a Wolf3D mod called Mac-enstein 3D that ports all the Apple Mac levels to the PC version. As of right now, a 12 level demo is available for testing, bringing WolfenDoom's legacy to a new decade. Take a stroll through one of the classic total conversions, now  reimagined.

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