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Coldpal, a new palette for Doom/Doom 2, released

ReaperAA has been focussing his attention on a side of Doom that is often ignored. Whilst we love to discuss mods, WADS and source ports, his work focusses on modifying the Doom palette, accentuating and nuancing specific colors of the color spectrum. His most recent work is called Coldpal. The focus was primarily on the red, blue and green colours and the results are subtle, but refined. In the included screenshot, it is instantly noticeable how the blue colours are less subdued and more prominent in the scene. According to ReaperAA, this should work with both Doom and Doom 2 and other vanilla assets. Be sure to also look for HeresyPal, another replacement palette but for Heretic by the same author. Thus, bring some more colour in your Doom and give Coldpal a go!

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