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Back to Christmas Carol with DBP19: Jolly your heart out!

Released at Christmas 19, DBP19 is a Christmas themed megawad from various members of the Doomer Boards, with strong guidance from glenzinho, Big Ol' Billy and Phobus. Through 25 maps, the player travels through the various themes of winter, snow, ice and frozen hellspawn. Except even in the cold reality of the winter season, the Imp's still have a fireball to launch against Doomguy.  Amongst the Jolly Rogers and ghoulish reindeers, DBP19 tells the story of Cyberneezer Scrooge, who has frozen time to stop Santa from delivering everyone's Christmas presents. This is release candidate 2, featuring contributions by Phobus, Doom_RO, joe-ilya, Thundercunt, dmdr, Scrangus McBrickdad/Jaxxoon R , glenzinho, Big Ol' Billy, SuperCupcakeTactics and Gaspe. With such a ensemble cast of veteran mappers, DBP19 is sure not to disappoint.  So return back to the Christmas spirit (or fever), grab your shotgun shells... and add some lead to the winter season.


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