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Map like its 1993 (Literally): ReDoomed for Mac/Linux/BSD released

When iD Software released Doom in 1993, they developed the levels on NEXTSTEP, a now defunct operating system. Fast forward to 2015. John Romero himself releases the source code to DoomED, the level editor used 12 years prior to craft the classic levels we now and love today. Since the source code is over a decade old, it only works on the aforementioned NEXTSTEP operating system - which as established, is defunct. Enter developer Tedge aka Josh Freeman of Twilight Edge Software. Using the sources provided 5 years ago, the company has ported DoomED over to Mac, Linux and BSD under the new name ReDoomed. Whilst the several seperate windows may daunt most users (A typical case of object oriented development and a legacy of the NEXTSTEP days), ReDoomed allows aspiring mappers to develop levels ''the way iD did''.  Staying true to the original but ported to modern operating systems, ReDoomed is an interesting historic case - and perhaps a starting ground for the next big thing, for some.

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