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Voxelize your Doom with the new RD/RDDVOX voxel pack!

One peculiar thing within Doom involves the use of voxels. These are, to put it bluntly, the equivalent of sprites in three dimensions. Since late December, developer GRAU of RDW Studios is hard at work at the RDVOX/RDDVOX voxel pack. What it sets out to do is to provide a complete voxel pack of the objects that are present in Doom, so enemies, weapons, to enhance the depth and richness of the scene yet still looking like classic Doom, as opposed to a 3D model. As such, the pack targets software rendering in 8 bit, though it also does work in 32 bit and GL modes. As Doom's favorite friend The Lost Soul in the screenshot shows, the results can be quite amazing.

Though its not the main focus, the pack also includes a few sprites, code for new effects, light definitions for software renders and a new palette. The pack is presented in two versions - RDVOX, and RDDVOX. The first is for ZDoom based ports and will work starting from ZDoom 2.8.1 and descendants (QZ/GZ/LZDoom). The latter is a version compatible with developer JVAL's lesser known but highly advanced port, DelphiDoom. Though the stable version does not yet have support for voxels and the kind of dynamic lights used here, a WIP development build is provided. And now that you have read enough mumbo jumbo, head over to the main thread and be amazed at a criminally underutilized feature of modern day Doom.

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