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Community effort: Doombringer needs level designers!

Within the Doom community, several of its members work on Doom engine powered projects that become standalone titles - Jimmy's Adventures of Square, to name one. Others move up and venture into the realm of (semi) professional game development. Since 2015, developer Kristus and his small but experienced team team (Consisting of  Matt ''MTrop'' Tropiano, Carson ''Kronosaurus'' Stacy and former lead programmer Andrew Apted) has been working on Doombringer, a fast paced shooter running on the Darkplaces engine that seeks to combine the multiplayer arena fun of Quake 3 but also the complex gameplay of Doom 2.  Whilst multiplayer was the first part to be implemented and several deathmatch maps have been made so that the game is already a playable arena shooter,  the grunt body of work focuses on the singleplayer.  As Kristus is working towards the first release to be focussed on singleplayer, a request is made for new level designers.

In the words of Kristus: ''Making single player maps is a lot bigger task than making Deathmatch maps. Not only because of the scale, but also because of the number of maps needed, the number of skill settings and the testing required to make sure every problem of the map is solved before it comes into player hands. Where as deathmatch maps are best tested together with the players. It is definitely time to make a call for people interested in taking part in this game's progress. The people we are looking for are predominantly people who excel at the blocking out of a level and creating exciting scenarios for the players.'' 

Due to the choice of engine, maps can be delivered for Quake and Quake 3 level formats. So do you aspire working on a title that definitely has a style of its own, do not hesitate to make the jump. Doombringer could just be your first proper step in the industry. And, perhaps superfluous: Did you know 3D Realms's title Wrath: Aeon of Ruin ruins on the same technology? You will be in good company, then!

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