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Celebrate Valentines with A Janitor's Nightmare, a Global Game Jam title

Its that time of the year again. Celebrating your love to your spouse, your crush, your family. But what if  you do not know any proper Valentines present? Well, Realm667 has you covered. By presenting A Janitor's Nightmare, a standalone GZDoom title by seasoned veteran NashMuhandes, you sure will impress your hidden crush! Developed for the Global Game Jam, a global game event to create new titles in a short amount of time, A Janitor's Nightmare revolves around your role as a janitor, tasked with repairing the toilets to decrease the toxic water levels that are running throughout the building. You see, not only is the water toxic... it also brings life to some particularly shitty creatures... with your Clean-O-Launcher being the only solution to the smelly problem. So, don't invite your lovers to dinner or present them flowers, but have them play A Janitor's Nightmare instead. Toilet talk will have a whole new meaning.

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