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The 64 KB Challenge: New Doom MegaWAD(s) come in small sizes

A big part of Doom's everlasting output of quality WADS comes from the novelty of ideas that have come up in its tenure. Limiting the player to a defined area (Congestion 1024) or discussing philosophy through Doom (The Revenant Problem), the creativity from which these ideas are derived is surprisingly original. In this same category comes The 64 KB Challenge, a MegaWAD led by Walter confetti and a huge team of co-authors.

The rules are simple: All your data (music, sounds, graphics) and the map you make must fit within 64 kilobyte. Doom2 is the preferred IWAD and the Challenge will come in two flavors: A MegaWAD of vanilla maps, and a pack of limit-removing maps, where it is suggested to use Crispy Doom or Boom with complevel 2 if you want to contribute to this pack. To add to the variety whether you want to map for vanilla or in limit-removing flavors a custom texturepack and a series of new monsters (through DeHacked) are provided for you to toy around with. The 64 KB Challenge is still underway, but have a look, take a stroll, and see what can be achieved within just 64 kilobytes of data.

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