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Nobody Told Me About id - a Build Engine-styled mod for GZDoom

Doom versus Duke Nukem 3D. Its an age old debate, similar to Duke Nukem 3D versus Quake. Opinions will forever differ, if not on the technology they used. Doom versus Build. Who will triumph? With CantSleep's Nobody Told Me About id, or NTMAI for short, we may have an answer. This GZDoom mod  tries to translate the charm of the games running on the Build Engine, and apply those same principles to Doom. NTMAI achieves this through multiple things:

  • Some cool resources by Kinsie (Title & intermission background, sounds)
  • Replaced the object sprites to 1.5x upscaled sprites based on hidfan's Neural Upscaled sprites
  • Less slippery movement, sprite shadows and blood & gore system made by Nash
  • Higher resolution monster graphics, nicer explosions and some sound caulking
  • More dynamic camera movement: flinching, shaking, head flies off when gibbed...
  • Angled weapons courtesy of Angled Doom and Bullet puff sounds depending on what kind of weapon you use (fist, chainsaw, gun)
  • A quick reloadable pistol, a classic/revable Chaingun, and a BFG 9000 that recoils...
  • Impactful power-ups (Soulsphere, Invulnerability Sphere...), some items are now used through the inventory (Berserk, Infrared)
  • Blood-styled movement for monsters
  • New monster abilities: jumping over pits, jumping at enemies, charging at the player, added missing melee states...

NTMAI is still in an early phase, but it is shaping up to combine the best of both worlds. Head over to the main thread and view the video content. With NTMAI, there is now one possible answer to who is better - Duke, or Doom.

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