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Rampancy: A robot themed monsterpack for GZDoom

Gotten tired of Doom's endless stream of hellspawn? Perhaps Rampancy may do the trick for you. A monsterpack by Yholl and Cherno, Rampancy is designed for maximum compatiblity with various gameplay mods. What this does is bring a whole lot of robot models to your GZDoom weapons mod or mapset, but with some additional twists:

  • There are no hitscan attacks, all bullets from robots are projectiles.
  • There is no infighting at all, but all enemies can injure each other no matter their type.
  • Damage is semi-static. All damage varies by 2, giving values like 13-17 damage.
  • Projectiles are faster than vanilla Doom, but do far less damage due to low values and minimal randomization.
  • Robots that fire physical projectiles have limited ammo, exhausting that ammo will force them to either rely on other attacks or power down.
  • Enemies set to Ambush in maps will have different behaviour, usually lying in wait ready to attack.
  • Many menu options to customize things like item drops or cosmetic options.
  • A difficulty option in addition to normal Doom skill levels, which gives robots more dangerous behaviour or abilities.

All in all, Rampancy is the kind of mod you would want to throw in sci-fi related maps and weapon sets. Be a different kind of Terminator with Rampancy!

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