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To beat the very best: Team Rocket 2 speedmap project Beta 1 released

What do you do when you want to craft your skills in limited time? Then you call Jimmy, the resident Joyful Mapper of the Doom community at large, and you ask him to set up a speedmapping session, producing a megawad for Boom-compatible ports, in a mere 24 hours. And oh, all done in a livestream. This is Team Rocket in a nutshell. The first session was such a success, that Team Rocket 2 has been on its way. Headed by Jimmy, Dragonfly, AD_79 and MTrop, The premise remains the same as the first session: Be the very best. Guest mappers are allowed to join in on the 24 hour run and provide guest maps, which obviously will see regular breaks being made as to avoid burnout. As such, The team aims for 16 hours of continuous mapping. With the first beta now released, Jimmy's participation has become a Seal of Approval for quality within the community, so what are you reading this piece here on Realm667? Head over to the thread and try to beat the very best!

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