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Hard G: The Speedmap where you punch Imp hiney's

Leave it to Revenant100, Doom Philosopher at night and Doom Connoisseur by day to come up with something as twisted as Hard G. The premise is simple: Gib as many enemies in the straight track that lies ahead and beat the clock: 1.22 is the time to beat.  Revenant100 made this on the premise of a Youtube video that stated that ''Gibbing should not affect Doom in any way''Hard G is the result of putting this theory to the test.

Hard G: A Speedrunning Challenge requires a limit-removing port, -complevel 2 recommended. GZDoom users are advised to use the "Doom (Strict)" compatibility setting to provide correct monster behavior. So what more is there to say to this novel WAD? Beat the clock, beat an Imp or stare for the remainder of the day to its perfectly shapped butt-cheeks. Do not act weirded out when any bystander catches you drooling all over the desk.

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