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Survival is key in Live Through Doom, A survival gameplay mod

That SGT_Mark IV's Brutal Doom generates a lot of influence can be traced back to all the new community members that join because of the famous mod. But what if you make a mod for a mod? Live Through Doom by Grey_Wolf uses Brutal Doom as a base and adds in several new features that are primarly focused on survival. New stim packs, flashlights (with depleting batteries),  flares, sounds and weapons are married to an enhanced parameter system where stamina and health are the primary components.  Each attack and movement costs stamina, introducing a new element to the frantic gameplay. Live Through Doom is a standalone mod, which should work with most maps.

Live Through Doom is still heavy in progress, but its introduction of several survival mechanics give Doom a Resident Evil-like vibe. No longer can you slaughter demons without a penalty - in Live Through Doom, each action has a consequence. So you better choose wisely.

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