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Its a doggy dog business: Woof! brings Marine's Best Friend to the modern age

Source ports are the bread and butter of the Doom community. Whether you play through Chocolate Doom, GZDoom or lesser used products such as EDGE, each have their own set of advantages But others like to keep things simple and stay vanilla. Fabian Greffrath, who maintains the popular Chocolate Doom offspring called Crispy Doom, has released Woof!, a new source port for those who like their Doom straight on the rocks, without ice. Woof! bases itself around the WinMBF source code and puts the focus on Quality of Life improvements and bringing MBF to the modern age. So what does Woof!, a reference to Marine's Best Friend provide to the end user?

  • The code has been made 64-bit compatible
  • The code has been ported to SDL2, the game scene is now rendered to screen using hardware acceleration (if available)
  • Enhanced map support in DeepBSP and ZDBSP formats
  • On Windows systems, support for dragging and dropping WAD and Dehacked files onto the executable has been added
  • The sound system has been completely overhauled, using SDL_Mixer
  • The original partial invisiblity effecthas been brought back
  • Support for helper dogsand beta emulation from MBF is now unconditionally enabled
  • Modern WASD movement scheme by default
  • Playback of demos in Vanilla has been vastly improved
  • Support for the Doom 3: BFG Edition IWAD files
  • Support for the Freedoom IWAD files

And much, much more. With all these enhancements, Woof! is a surprisingly stable source port that will surprise you on its versatility, but retains a ''conservative'' approach to improvements. This dog is a keeper. Treat it well.

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