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Standalone Project Osiris brings Amiga FPS Alien Breed 3D to GZDoom

Back in the days of Amiga, Alien Breed 3D was a popular alternative for Doom, despite not being Doom. It contained an original story and a interesting setting, and even some visual tricks its inspiration could not do, like 3D floors and water effects. Project Osiris by ArcturusDeluxe brings this old classic to the modern age, powered by GZDoom. Its however a remake and slight reimagining, but here is what Project Osiris offers:

  • All 16 maps from the original game converted and adapted. The maps have generally been given additional monsters, tweaked item placement and even some extra shortcuts and surprises, but they are also still close the originals, for better or worse in some cases.
  • New textures and visual effects have been added. Dynamic lighting is used on many objects and some areas of the maps now have coloured lighting where appropriate. Additional textures have been added to denote teleporters, and doors that require switches to open (very handy on MAP11!)
  • New HUD, designed not to take up most of the screen this time! It now fits into a familiar Doom status bar format, or a fullscreen HUD if you prefer maximum viewage potential.
  • All 5 weapons from the original game, including new redrawn graphics and visual effects - also an additional one that didn't make it into the original game, the knife, for when you're out of ammo or you just feel like getting stabby. You can also switch back to the old weapon graphics if you're a fan of the hugest pixels!
  • Body Armor and map terminal powerups have been added. Body armor absorbs damage like normal (at a rate of 40%, in-between the Doom blue and green armours.) The map terminals reveal the full automap when activated.
  • All the original aliens are present and are angrier than ever. Many of them now have diagonal angle views (the original game only had side, front and back,) some now have death animations where they didn't before, and some have been completely overhauled graphically. The two boss enemies are also back, now with new mechanics! Look out for those in MAP08 and MAP16.
  • A few music tracks made by ArcturusDeluxe, remixed from music originally made for the game but was missing in some versions. Also lots of additional sound effects added, some of which are actually legally allowed to use

What's more, the game runs as an IWAD - No Doom WAD file is required, it is its own standalone game, using GZDoom. The title is still in beta, but promises to be completely playable from start to finish. So take the day off, and surround yourself with a decidely different atmosphere.

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