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Thanks to the ZDCMP2 team

A few days ago I got an e-mail from Tomas Taufer (I hope it's okay that I mention you here). I wasn't sure what to expect when reading reading the subject "Words of Praise" because I had similar contacts already, offering me $ 1.000.000 from an indian bank account or a box of newly developed viagra types. In this case, I was curious and started reading though.

I just completed the "ZDoom Community Map Project - Take 2" and... *sigh*... the first thing, that comes into my mind [..] are the words of the song by Fatboy Slim "I Have To Praise You"... like I should!

Because I constantly feel a remarkable surprise of what a community of enthusiastic people can accomplish (and without salary, just a pure joy from jurney). It is nearly unimaginable. It is (and please excuse me my language here but) it is just one fuckin' map, and it feels really complete ("Four hours of play, like - really?!"). It's like a one whole game without blind spots, very nice ideas and places. Coherent, is the word I would say. Coherent and well crafted.

May I have a serious request to you? Can I ask you to pass these words of praise to other people (modders) so they know? I really think, for what they do, they deserves at least that. The knowing. The acclaim. Especially when the ratio of free stuff and it's quality is as it is, as I know it is work of passion, "sweat", common goal, unmistakable joy of the results. I don't want to sound any pretentiously (or something like that), but if there are no other voices of praise from the community of mere players, please consider me as a voice for all of them. I had a fun and really good time. As I am a "stickler" I enjoyed every detail perfectly crafted and added (damn. I forgot the easter eggs... oh my... the easter eggs!) Thank you guys!

He asked me to pass the words, and so I did. Thanks for the kind words Tomas, and thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the ZDCMP2. I think we achieved an amazing result with it and it's still very enjoyable to people out there - including myself, playing it from time to time.

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