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Parallel Doomensions (WIP): A Quake 1 styled community Megawad

This community WAD project is so early in progress, that even its name is still WIP. But at Realm667 we like to highlight the special things in Doom, so here is Parallel Doomensions, a project by AgentBromsnor and various friends like (As of this writing) Juza, Egg Boy, DJVCarDMaster, damned, Archvile Hunter, Crunchynu44 and TheNoob_Gamer that has one clear objective: Deliver A Quake 1 styled megawad.

AgentBromsnor had this idea lingering for a few years now, but realized that a megawad is quite an undertaking and not for the faint of heart. It was thus decided that this was going to be a communal project form the get go. Stock Doom monsters are to be used, but its levels are clearly inspired by Quake. In order to get there, those who want to join in on the fun need to abide to a few rules:

  • Boom compatibility (test with PrBoom+ to be sure)
  • Make sure your level theme is consistent and in adherence to those found in Quake 1's singleplayer campaign. If you're confused, check out this link: https://quake.fandom.com/wiki/Level_Theme
  • No slaughter maps (it wouldn't feel right in a Quake setting!)
  • Make sure your map somewhat adheres to the length of an average Quake level. While there's no "hard" rule for map size, I think it's fair to say that a single map shouldn't take an hour to beat.
  • Try and provide a name for your level that fits the Lovecraftian atmosphere of Quake 1.

Do you have what it takes to join in on a community project that isn't centered on Doom textured levels, give it a shot!

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