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The Power of OTEX puts deathmatch maps at the forefront

Texture packs give Doom a new fresh lick of paint to its existing gameplay, but quality packs are a work in and out of itself. Ukiro's OTEX pack is one such work that stands among the top of the hill. The Power of OTEX mapset puts four maps together in this little project by Kinker31. As you can tell by the thread, the maps look fresh, vibrant, courtesy of the OTEX pack that is used. But what is more rare is that these maps are made for Deathmatch and Deathmatch related modes. As maps of this kind are currently far and inbetween, let alone made for Boom level format, the Power of OTEX has its charms. Get your friends together and put aside the differences as you battle eachother in these fresh new DM maps.

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