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Guzz: Ace of the ASS is a TC that brings a smile on your face

Quality total conversions (TC's) are far and inbetween. But total conversions that are good and a parody/comedic? Guzz: Ace of the ASS by TontonMayonnaise is what you are looking for. In this total conversion, set on the fictious European east country of Glaviota in the year 19XX, the space exploration complex sent Laïska, a young she dog into space for a test. The poor animal was sent to a certain painful death, starving in the depth of deep space.

But there is light at the horizon: there you go Guzz, the ace of the ASS (Alien Secret Service). To save the lady doggo and fell in love with her. Alas, she died at a young age (as every doggo would be,  if you think about it) and so you set off  Glaviotan secret lab to search for Laïska's DNA extract to make her alive again.

Its clear, Guzz: Ace of the ASS is a total conversion with a ridiculous premise, but it also harbors impressive cartoony spritework. Still a project in progress, Guzz stands among the more unique works to come out of the Doom community this year that isn't a full-on jokeWAD.

Be sure to keep this parody close to you, preferably just not near your ASS.

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