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Choose your destiny

Just spotted a new release from one of the quality garants at the ZDoom community: Corruption Cards by cutmanmike. If you have ever been into gambling, this is the right mod for your classic experiences. It is a gameplay modifier which starts each map with a choice of cards. These cards effect the gameplay in some way. The effects range from altering monster attacks, adding new rules, changing items etc. They are only slight tweaks, some more dangerous than others. Every 3 maps, you are offered a permanent card. This card will be locked in for the rest of the game, meaning you will have to live with your choice until the game is over! Obviously this is intended for single runs or survival (zandronum) to see how long you can go on with all the stacked effects, but as with all Doom mods you're welcome to save and load. For more information, features, and compatibility, check the development thread over at ZDoom.

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