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Paradise Rebirth: an abstract puzzle world powered by GZDoom

If you take the shooting out of Doom, what do you end up with? Well, still a place invested by hellspawn, obviously. But what if you change the grim dark world to something more abstract, and colorful? Paradise Rebirth by gwHero brings you to that place. Existing since 2018 but due to an 18 month break restarted this March, Paradise Rebirth brings a world dominated by flat shaded objects and brushes, where puzzles, not guns, await the player. In this abstract world, your mission is to explore your surroundings and solving the puzzles you will encounter.

Paradise Rebirth uses the GZDoom engine to bring a world that visually looks reminiscent of Firewatch, itself also a title focussing heavily on exploration. The world is full of abstract scenery, bringing forward an ethereal like ambiance to the player. As of now, Paradise Rebirth is still in development, but if you dare to drop your weapons down and be open for something that is beyond your usual fare of Dooming, then Paradise Rebirth is worth waiting for.

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